Treating Customers Fairly

Our commitment

Commercial Power is committed to fair, honest and transparent sales practices.
We want to raise the standards of professionalism in the business-business energy broker market.

As a well-established and responsible company, at Commercial Power we’re committed to treating customers fairly and upholding the high standards of the suppliers we work with. Now more than ever, it’s essential that small businesses regain trust in the energy industry and get the best deal to meet their needs.

We strive to ensure that any contact we have with a customer is carried out in a professional, transparent, honest and fairway, and this is underpinned by our recruitment, training and ongoing review procedures. We employ an in-house compliance team and a range of other safeguards, to ensure our staff and partners meet the standard we expect.

Although we aim to provide a first-class service on every occasion, we recognise that, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. We’re committed to resolving any complaints as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that when investigating complaints, we often have to liaise with a number of third parties and, in some cases, it may only be the energy supplier who has the authority to offer the outcome you are seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Energy Brokers generally search a range of different suppliers and have direct relationships with not only the ‘Big 6’ providers, but also a variety of smaller, independent companies. Due to the number of customers Commercial Power places with their chosen suppliers, the rates we are able to offer are usually more competitive than if you were to approach the supplier direct. We search the market at no cost to yourself as a consumer and then provide you with what believe are the best options for your individual circumstances.

Providing a letter of authority (LoA) allows us to approach your existing supplier to obtain key information such as your current prices and annual energy consumption, etc, which means we can search for the best deal for you without having to come to you for these details. Provided you agree, this will also allow us to terminate your existing contract at its end date and, once you have reached a decision, place you with your new preferred supplier.

Energy suppliers generally base their pricing on a customer’s energy usage and credit worthiness. If you have more than one site, please let us know and we will present all of the information to the panel of suppliers we work with. In most cases this will help us to secure a more competitive rate for you; however, please be assured that our aim is to find you the best possible deal for your business needs, irrespective of your usage or number of sites.

Yes. Longer term contracts are generally agreed to provide you with budget certainty; however, if you are no longer legally responsible for the business property, we will liaise with your supplier to terminate your contract at no cost to you (please note that your supplier will usually request supporting evidence to validate the change of ownership/tenancy).

No, Commercial Power will not charge you for using our services. We will receive an introductory fee or commission payment(s) from the supplier that you agree a contract with. Some suppliers pay this via a one-off payment, others will recover these costs from customers throughout the lifetime of their contract.

Yes, our team of energy specialists will contact you approximately 180 days before your current contract is due to end and provide you with a range of options from our panel of suppliers. Our aim is to ensure you take advantage of the offers available to your business.