Siteworks Process

registering siteworks made easy

Dedicated and experienced
Due to the ever increasing complexities involved with siteworks projects in relation to dealing with suppliers of commercial gas and electricity, Distribution Network Operators and other third parties, Commercial Power has its own dedicated siteworks team.

Our team of experts have the experience to overcome the frustration and stresses associated with business utility connections for your premises or upgrading an existing supply or meter. All projects are managed by our dedicated siteworks team who can provide a wide range of infrastructure installations across the UK.

Our team will work with you to develop a tailored solution for your project. We provide a single point of contact for the project from start to finish; supplying one combined quote for all the work and co-ordinating the supply and installation of the component parts with service providers to ensure a smooth programme of works.

Arranging Work

Arrange all work via the distributor and arrange disconnections.

Organising Services

Organise all service work – installations, relocations, upgrades, isolations.

Organising Meter Work

Organise all meter work – installations, removals, upgrades and relocations.


Co-ordinate all works including services, meters, dataloggers, meter enhancements.

Pressure and Capacity

Organise pressure and capacity checks on existing installations.

Technical Advice

Provide technical advice to guide you through the siteworks process.