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Not just an energy specialist

Responding to the needs of our clients we also give expert advice, support and implementation of Water, LED solutions, metering services, renewable energy, energy efficiency, merchant services and telecoms.

Manage Energy Spend

Our objective is the same as that of our customers, we want to secure the most cost effective supply arrangement that benefits you and your business.

Minimise Risk & Exposure

Our experts can assist you in aligning your contracts and help guide you through the regulatory requirements such as Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audit and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We offer 100% renewable energy and can help you reduce your carbon footprint. We work alongside your business to ensure that your renewable obligations are met.

Commercial Power

Specialising in reducing costs, risk and keeping business owners like you informed and competitive.

One of the largest independent energy consultancies

As part of one of the largest independent energy consultancies, Commercial Power are able to offer a truly bespoke service to all of our customers. We offer, as standard, customised energy management solutions that are specific to your business needs.

Making customers make informed decisions

Our highly trained consultants use a holistic approach and enable our customers to make an informed choice when it comes to their utilities, merchant services and much more.

Providing a combination of energy services

We offer a combination of services ranging from energy efficiency measures, merchant services, through to ESOS audits and helping your business to become more compliant.

Creating successful partnerships

Understanding your business’ objectives and goals is key to a successful partnership and we work alongside you to help you accomplish them.

We are now

Carbon Neutral

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being Carbon Neutral mean?

Being Carbon Neutral means that the amount of Carbon Emissions being
put into the atmosphere are the same as the amount of Carbon Emissions being taken out of the atmosphere. Therefore this means that the impact on the atmosphere is Neutral.

How are we being Carbon Neutral?

We are carbon-neutral as we supply our sites with Renewable Electricity and Carbon-Offset Gas. We also offset fuel emissions of the vehicles used by our sales agents.

Hassle free, one stop shop for your commercial business needs

Since 2004, Commercial Power have helped more than 300,000 commercial businesses make massive savings on their business gas, electricity and water bills.

We have a wide-range of services meaning we can handle most of the tedious, time-consuming aspects of utility procurement.